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No two problems are the same.  And we don’t treat them that way.  At Intermountain Electronics, Inc (“IE”), we have built our entire business around providing you the best industry experts to help resolve your specific problems. 

Our core business is providing integrated, custom engineered and manufactured solutions, using our expertise in automation and controls to add value to all of your power and process requirements.  Whether you need portable mining substations, utility PDCs/E-houses, oil-field process skids, or anything in between, our commitment is to provide you with industry experts and a tailored solution.

Our deep team of 20 project engineers, with a collective experience base of 300+ years of working in industry on the other side of the table, understands what matters to operators.  Our commitment is to help you sleep better at night.

We believe in local manufacturing and support.  Our four manufacturing facilities, in Price Utah, Denver Colorado, Centralia Illinois, and South Point Ohio, are purposefully located to support our oil & gas, mining, and utility sector customers.  With service centers in another 6 locations (Tucson, Phoenix, Grand Junction CO, Pittsburgh, Kingsport TN, Hermosillo Mexico), our commitment is to responsive service.