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IE has been a trusted partner in longwall electrics rebuilds and overhauls for over 20 years.  We hire premier industry experts – and our experience shows in longwall mining.  Our team has collectively worked over 200 years in longwall mining operations, designing and specifying over 25 different longwall systems, and managing 300 different longwall moves.  We put that experience to work every time we work with our customers on a longwall system.  We are proud to have delivered our first two “name-plated Intermountain Electronics” longwall systems in 2012, one of which is now in production at the highest productivity longwall mine in the world.

At last count, we are the service partner of choice for 17 of the 45 active longwall mines in the US.  Our capabilities span the entire range of longwall electric services:

  • Quick turnaround “clean and tests” between longwall moves
  • Electrics overhaul including strip-down, sandblast, and reassembly / rewiring – while testing every component – to ensure a “like-new” status
  • Design updates and overhauls, including engineering design changes, managing a RAMP with MSHA, and corresponding manufacturing, delivery, and commissioning
  • New, turnkey longwall electrics systems - specification, design, MSHA approvals, delivery, and commissioning

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