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Mine Load Centers are used to transform high voltage input to low voltage outputs.

Load Centers are used to transform high voltage input to low voltage outputs, and provide the necessary protection and controls to mine personnel and equipment. Intermountain Electronics provides durable and reliable Power Centers of the highest quality, custom designed to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

  • Input of 4160V up to 25 kV class
  • Output circuits (2 to 20) with voltage ratings of 480 to 1000 volts
  • Appropriate overcurrent protection, monitoring, metering, and means for disconnection
  • Automation and communication (via fiber or leaky feeder) systems per your needs

Our in-house experts will help you buy the exact piece of equipment you need. We can provide basic economical versions that get you the power you need, or provide guidance to you on how to add leading edge safety and productivity features that focus on your employee productivity and mine ROI.

Our custom built dry-type transformers are standard issue for every Power Center. With their step-lapped miter cores, they offer the latest in efficiency and will save you on your power bills. Also, please ask us about our full line of mining components. Our ground monitors and ground fault relays, connectors, circuit breakers, and cap trip devices – all developed since 2010, with the latest industry technology – are offered at competitive prices compared to the dated, 25-year-old technology that is still commonly used in the industry.

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